Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lush ' Rub Rub Rub ' Review

This Lush product I use in the shower, Its an exfoliator with sea salt and mimosa. At first I was really taken by it's scent, It smells AMAZING. I could honestly say I would want anything that smelt like this, even shampoo! When I first tried it I could really feel it scrubbing away, taking away all the dead skin cells and also washing at the same time. What I thought was really unique about this product is how it went from feeling like a really tough exfoliator to, when put under water, a smooth soap. You think you like it when it's just exfoliating? seriously, you'll LOVE it when you wash it off. After drying off my skin I could really tell a difference in it's over all smoothness, ten times better! I would probably repurchase this again, but i'd like to try other things.. so i wouldn't necessarily buy it as soon as i run out ( like i do with my almond & coconut soap ).

Quick Tip: Always use this product before shaving, so that you won't be left with stubbly legs!

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