Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lush Almond & Coconut Smoothie Review

Although I just did a post and i promised myself i'd space out my reviews, i just HAD to write this one now! This was the first soap i ever bought from Lush, way back when. I remember i didn't really know much about the store and I think i just wanted to get in and out really quick. Normally i hate coconut. I think it tastes bad, smells bad, looks bad... its just gross! Since i basically just grabbed this soap and went home i really had no idea what to expect. At first sniff, it smells bland. And to be honest, not that great. But i learned that after you use it, It leaves the most amazing scent on your skin. I honestly don't know if i can even explain what it smells like. Its just so unique. I also love the way it feels when you use it! Its so creamy -- it truely is a smoothie! It doesn't lather up alot.. but it lathers enough for me. I really just love this soap, and that's why i had to buy it a second time! I will probably buy this again and again! absolutely love it!!

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  1. Nice review. I might have to pick this up next time I go to Lush.

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