Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lush Candy Fluff Bathbomb Review

I was so excited to get to Lush this time around, especially since I was going to a different store than usual, this one is bigger and has more products! I was so excited! When i got there , everyone was so nice ( as usual ) and i ended up buying alot more than i intended. But that just means, all the more to review! One of the first things i tried out was the Candy Fluff bath bomb. Which you can see from the picture, its hot pink , looks like an egg and has cute bath bomb-ey flowers on either side. so cute! And it smells like, really really yummy candy. I plopped it in the bath and it started to fizz away.... and fizz away... and then it was almost done! within 1 minute it was almost over and i was kind of dissapointed because it just ended so quickly! Although it left my bath a beautiful pink and smelt amazing! Usually I can bask in my tub for 20 minutes or more, reading or just enjoying my bath bomb. But oddly, i felt bored. The Candy Fluff ended so quickly and nothing unexpected happened. You can tell just by looking at it your bath is going to be pink! Although i was really dissapointed i was happy the next day when i could still smell the scent on my skin and in my hair, that's a deffinate plus. Although i don't think i'll be repurchasing, i don't regret buying it as I did still smell amazing the next day!

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