Thursday, April 7, 2011

China Glaze Ridge Filler Review

Hello Girls!
So the other day I picked up the China Glaze Ridge Filler, which smoothes your nail surface so when you apply nail polish your nails look smooth and perfect. I was really excited because i have never tried any kind of ridge filler before and my thumb nail has a big crack that i wanted to cover up. When I used it, it went on perfect and i thought it was going to be a product i really liked. But i waited for more than 30 minutes and it wasn't fully dry! It was still sticky, and i thought maybe that's just how it dries. So i applied my NYC quick dry nail polish in 'little italy' and hoped for the best. What happened was really weird, the nail polish not only would not dry, but would not stick to my nails! I was able to peel it off in one go, all of it gone. I was really dissapointed and i can promise i won't be repurchasing this ever.

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