Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lush ' Rub Rub Rub ' Review

This Lush product I use in the shower, Its an exfoliator with sea salt and mimosa. At first I was really taken by it's scent, It smells AMAZING. I could honestly say I would want anything that smelt like this, even shampoo! When I first tried it I could really feel it scrubbing away, taking away all the dead skin cells and also washing at the same time. What I thought was really unique about this product is how it went from feeling like a really tough exfoliator to, when put under water, a smooth soap. You think you like it when it's just exfoliating? seriously, you'll LOVE it when you wash it off. After drying off my skin I could really tell a difference in it's over all smoothness, ten times better! I would probably repurchase this again, but i'd like to try other things.. so i wouldn't necessarily buy it as soon as i run out ( like i do with my almond & coconut soap ).

Quick Tip: Always use this product before shaving, so that you won't be left with stubbly legs!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

China Glaze Ridge Filler Review

Hello Girls!
So the other day I picked up the China Glaze Ridge Filler, which smoothes your nail surface so when you apply nail polish your nails look smooth and perfect. I was really excited because i have never tried any kind of ridge filler before and my thumb nail has a big crack that i wanted to cover up. When I used it, it went on perfect and i thought it was going to be a product i really liked. But i waited for more than 30 minutes and it wasn't fully dry! It was still sticky, and i thought maybe that's just how it dries. So i applied my NYC quick dry nail polish in 'little italy' and hoped for the best. What happened was really weird, the nail polish not only would not dry, but would not stick to my nails! I was able to peel it off in one go, all of it gone. I was really dissapointed and i can promise i won't be repurchasing this ever.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's In My Shower Video (:

So I hope you guys are as nosy as I am. I saw Elle Fowler ( AllThatGlitters21 ) on Youtube do a video like this and I really liked the idea, so heres what's in my shower! Enjoy.

New Bedding?

Which one is your favorite? I think i am leaning towards the first one. Not sure yet! Copy and paste this link to design your own bed on PB Teen!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lush Almond & Coconut Smoothie Review

Although I just did a post and i promised myself i'd space out my reviews, i just HAD to write this one now! This was the first soap i ever bought from Lush, way back when. I remember i didn't really know much about the store and I think i just wanted to get in and out really quick. Normally i hate coconut. I think it tastes bad, smells bad, looks bad... its just gross! Since i basically just grabbed this soap and went home i really had no idea what to expect. At first sniff, it smells bland. And to be honest, not that great. But i learned that after you use it, It leaves the most amazing scent on your skin. I honestly don't know if i can even explain what it smells like. Its just so unique. I also love the way it feels when you use it! Its so creamy -- it truely is a smoothie! It doesn't lather up alot.. but it lathers enough for me. I really just love this soap, and that's why i had to buy it a second time! I will probably buy this again and again! absolutely love it!!

Lush Candy Fluff Bathbomb Review

I was so excited to get to Lush this time around, especially since I was going to a different store than usual, this one is bigger and has more products! I was so excited! When i got there , everyone was so nice ( as usual ) and i ended up buying alot more than i intended. But that just means, all the more to review! One of the first things i tried out was the Candy Fluff bath bomb. Which you can see from the picture, its hot pink , looks like an egg and has cute bath bomb-ey flowers on either side. so cute! And it smells like, really really yummy candy. I plopped it in the bath and it started to fizz away.... and fizz away... and then it was almost done! within 1 minute it was almost over and i was kind of dissapointed because it just ended so quickly! Although it left my bath a beautiful pink and smelt amazing! Usually I can bask in my tub for 20 minutes or more, reading or just enjoying my bath bomb. But oddly, i felt bored. The Candy Fluff ended so quickly and nothing unexpected happened. You can tell just by looking at it your bath is going to be pink! Although i was really dissapointed i was happy the next day when i could still smell the scent on my skin and in my hair, that's a deffinate plus. Although i don't think i'll be repurchasing, i don't regret buying it as I did still smell amazing the next day!